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Wlenwin data

Wlenwin is a limited liability company specialized in data services. Data is a set of qualitative or quantitative variables about individuals (people or objects). Data is used in scientific research, business management, finance, governance, etc. Every day, data is generated and tools (e.g., Python, R, SAS, SQL, Excel, etc.) are developed to leverage the data.

Most of these tools require learning as well as many other theories (in statistics for example). But we don’t have to have all this baggage if we are already busy with other activities. Wlenwin has a data service marketplace that engages any professional with expertise in any aspect of data. The goal is to help the needy from the scientific or entrepreneurial research field find someone suitable for their needs.

Our Values

Our service specialization in the field of data sets us apart


We work to make it easier for data professionals to meet or find customers. We will save time for you and your customers who are in urgent need.Verified offers and events are also available.

More income

You work independently in any position and in any activity related to our categories. We allow you to increase your income.


Wlenwin helps you get known for your services and skills. The ratings and testimonials we assign to you distinguish you

Allow data expert (enterprise/company or individual) to bring their activity online